Storage Bay Sugar City is an Excellent Choice for all your Self Storage Needs in North Rexburg and Sugar City, Idaho!

Apartment Living? Share a room or live in a small apartment? Make more room in your living area by moving stuff to storage!
Moving? Store your belonging between homes or apartments!
Keep it in Idaho: Don't pack your items home between semesters! It's EASIER and LESS stressful to store it here!
Life Transitions? Downsizing, changes in households or other reasons. Bring it to Storage Bay Sugar City!
Decluttering? Don't throw out precious documents, belongings or other items!
Home Renovations? Move your items to Storage Bay Sugar City temporarily while renovations are being completed!
Business Storage: Need more room for inventory, tools or just extra seasonal space. Rent from Storage Bay Rexburg!
And any other reason you may need extra space!

Self Storage Best Practices at Storage Bay Sugar City